Conference and Event Management



Please follow these instructions when formatting your abstract:

  • Use ISO A4 paper (210 x 297 mm).
  • Do not indent the first paragraph of each section and subsection. Indent the subsequent paragraphs by 0.5cm.
  • Insert one line spacing before the subheading and section heading. Leave no space after the heading and subheading.
  • Set margins as follows: Top – 3cm, Bottom – 2cm, Left and right – 3cm each.
  • Include page numbers in the footer.
  • Give bulleted or numbered lists a hanging indent of 0.5cm. Avoid using more than two levels in lists.
  • Avoid footnotes. Incorporate the corresponding text into the main text.
  • Type equations flush with the left-hand margin and number them consecutively, with numbers in brackets on the right (see below). Leave single spacing above and below equations.
    ∑_(i=1)^N▒x_i =δ ( 1 )
  • Include figures and tables in the main text, centred, with individual numbers and captions. Ensure illustrations are sharp and clear. Place captions below figures and above tables. Centre the captions and set them in italicised, Times New Roman 11-point font. Leave one line before and after figures and tables.
  • Put references to other publications in the Harvard style in left-aligned, Times New Roman 10-point font, with a hanging indent of 0.5cm. Include full bibliographical details. Do not abbreviate journal titles.
  • For references within the text, use the author’s last name followed by a comma and the year of publication, all in round brackets, e.g. (Fox, 1994). When the number of authors is three or more, follow this format: Fox et al., 1995.
  • In the bibliography, list references in alphabetical order. Include the names of all authors.
  • For electronic sources, include the URL of the website where they are located, along with the date of latest access.
  • Proofread your own submission carefully, as mistakes cannot be changed later.

Once your paper is refereed and accepted for publication in the symposium proceedings, you will be asked to submit the final version in Word and PDF formats. Proof your paper carefully before converting it to PDF format. We recommend that you print samples to verify the correct margin settings. At the discretion of the Proceedings Coordinator, papers that deviate from the above instructions may not be published.

Note that proceedings will only be distributed in electronic form on CD-ROM.

Material printed in its entirety in the symposium’s proceedings is considered published. However, the copyright for all forms of presentation at the symposium remains with the authors. If you want to convert your published proceedings paper into a journal article, check that this does not violate journal policy and make sure that any reuse of material is clear on your personal CV.

Do NOT make a submission that is already subject to copyright and would thereby violate copyright restrictions. Authors assume full responsibility for submissions.