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Australasian Dairy Symposium 2010

Where and when?
Who attended?
Programme (Key speakers)


Where and when?

31 August – 2 September 2010
Lincoln University

Lincoln University, DairyNZ and Dairy Australia announced the 4th Australasian Dairy Science Symposium themed: “Meeting the challenges for pasture-based dairying”.

Sessions focused on:
– Environmentally sustainable dairy farming
– Herd fertility and welfare
– Forage production and animal response
– Dairy production systems

The Symposium Organising Committee planned an exciting programme which was led by researchers from New Zealand and Australia and focused specifically on the scientific knowledge underpinning sustainable pasture-based dairy production.
Who attended?

The programme appealed to all those involved in dairy research on both sides of the Tasman. It should also appeal to those involved as professionals servicing the dairy industry as advisers, consultants or educators.
Programme (Key speakers)

Keynote speakers in the four themes are outlined below:

Environmentally sustainable dairy farming
A system’s perspective on the effectiveness of measures to mitigate the environmental impacts of nitrogen losses from pastoral dairy farming
Cecile De Klein (AgResearch)

A brief overview and simulation of the effects of some feeding strategies on nitrogen excretion and enteric methane emission from grazing dairy cows
Pablo Gregorini (DairyNZ)

Soil based approaches to reducing nitrogen losses
Jim Moir (Lincoln University)

Mitigating greenhouse gases emissions in a systems context
Richard Eckard (The University of Melbourne) and Harry Clark (AgResearch)

Rumen function and digestive parameters associated with methane emissions in dairy cows Soil based approaches to reducing nitrogen losses
Cesar Pinares-Patin (AgResearch)

Dairy production systems
Contribution of farmlet scale research in New Zealand and Australia to improved dairy farming systems
Dave Clark (DairyNZ)

Improving the scientific credibility of farm systems and on farm dairy research
Ian Lean (SBScibus & Cows-R-Us)

Improved winter feed systems for dairy cows
(Glen Judson (Agricom)

Repositioning the forage base for dairy production in volatile and risky climates
Brendan Cullen (University of Melbourne)

Optimal choice of dairy forages: considering risk
Mark Neal (University of Melbourne)

Impact of short–term alterations to milking frequency in early lactation
Claire Phyn and John Roche (DairyNZ)

The emergence, development and effectiveness of decision rules for dairy farms
Kevin MacDonald, (DairyNZ)

Forage production and animal response
Past lessons and future prospects: plant breeding for cool temperate pastures
Tony Parsons (Massey University and AgResearch

Understanding gene expression as approach to improve grazing management
Julia Lee (DairyNZ)

Capturing the benefits of alternative forages for increased dairy farm profitability
Joe Jacobs (DPI Victoria) and Sharon Woodward (DairyNZ)

Herd Fertility and Welfare
Reproductive management practices in New Zealand dairy farms: what will the future hold in a consumer-focused, export-driven marketplace?
Mark Blackwell, Gwyneth Verkerk, Chris Burke (Dairy NZ)

Understanding mechanisms contributing to reduced fertility: The reproductive physiology of sub-fertility
Susan Meier (DairyNZ)

Dairy lameness in the South Island
Jim Gibbs (Lincoln University)

Managing cow welfare in large dairy herds
Gwyneth Verkerk (DairyNZ )

Measuring what animals really want: implications for welfare on dairy farms
Adele Arnold (DairyNZ)

Grant Edwards, Chair Organising Committee, at
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